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March 22, 2012, 7:10 pm
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*West Oakland is an incredibly diverse community, with an even larger diversity of voices. It’s important to us that we accurately represent this diversity – instead of us filtering, censoring, or attempting to tell someone’s story for them, we want you to meet our community as it is. We want to provide a true platform for expression, one that honors the voices who wish to express themselves. As such, we are providing much of blog content in it’s unedited form. Thank you for your interest in real stories, from real people.
“People’s Grocery Celebration at The Hotel California.” We have the right to delete comments that are deemed derogatory and unsupportive.
by Nol Goodman
A text journalist and California Hotel Resident
A. “New Daily Nuances Exclusive” texted special report segment to commemorate the Head
Organic Gardener Max Cadji along with Monica, Lead Cook and Gardener with Zack Reidman Assistant Maintanance Gardener of the non-profit organization People’s Grocery a subsidery outlet of the Hotel California to provide services to low income tenants of the Hotel California in learning about organic farming methods at the apartment with activities every Thursday of the month. With live photo highlights, and a past photo entry with other text entries with background article. In appreciation as text recipients and in “nice ‘n easy” nuanced affectionate and best friendship above and beyond certain distraughtning inequalites as a “uplifting” influnce at the Hotel California. Original text date Thursday Oct 13th, 2011 for release. Copyright © 2011 “The New Daily Nuances Exclusive” all rights reserved. Which is the right not to exclude any texted material which is deemed unexceptable.(Photo of Max Caidji Coordinator and Maintainance Gardener at the People’s Grocery Organic Grassroots organization with two pallets from a photo taken on Oct 13th, 2010. Along with Monica an Assistant Coordinator fixing and cooking the meals. Along with Anne a Intern-figure with the non-profit organization. Courtesy of the Text Editor Nol Goodrum of the “Daily Nuances Exclusive.”For the fourteen years since March 14th, 1997 fourteen years and seven months ago from a “move out” from a dysfunctional personal disownement “spat” from years of so-called “off-the air scatterbrained” criminalized dysfunctional family values from Ritchie Street, now disowned and extinct, to moving here personally at the newly refurbished California Hotel~bka the “Hotel California” after the 1977 Eagles Rock song~when O.C.H.I(Oakland Community Housing Inc.) owned the building which is a residence located at 3501 San Pablo Avenue in Oakland
Ca housing many low income poor elderly tenants of ethnic Afro-American descent from being refurbished and remodeled in March
3rd, 1991.
Personally after moving-out here to the Hotel California there had been many landlords~or Hotel Managers~that managed the building. From Wayne English who managed the building from the time of move-in from 1997 to the early 2000’s. To other landlord managers that are not remembered today. When O.C.H.I owned the building there was an on-sight clinic and computer room where the Lifelong Medical Clinic was there with the Tenant Support services Coordinator Charlene Overshown along with Dr Furguson and Jack Broadnax~a Afro-American Jobs Coordinator who “benefitted-it” personally when it comes to employment services(Ann! Maybe in
nyteen-SEVENTY-THREEE!!! A certain former “Zenobian”-eboniesscent childrenhood sweetheart would’ve kept her(DISTRAUGHTINGLY CENSORED-OUT)out of the classroom with a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t whennit cum to “pitifulness.” Then this ethnicity would have some meaning to me!) making the same social nuance connection in 2001 through 2004.
Other hi-point nuances happened over the past fourteen-years at the Hotel California. From the famous intimate fling with a street hooker. To a only heartwarming affectionate friendship with a tenant on the fifth floor named Cassandra Conologue who was an “artistically” gifted elderly clairessian lady who was the only tenant that who was the only “true heartwarming” affectionate friendship who was regarded as a mother figure~in that “Stay-close-to-mom-to-that-butterworthren-ideology” thing in nuanced respect. From 1997 to the year 2000 to movin on to Grass Valley due to a financial situation.

The connection from the Tenant Support services ended when Jack Brodnax went on to a employment service at the now converted Oakland Army Base~known as the “Jobs Consorteum~”until drifting off and never being heard from again in 2004. Leaving Charlene Overshown and Kelly Wanzo and Dr Furguson at the Lifelong Medical Center outlet and Tenant Support for handouts and where Charlene helped-it getting back on Social Security. Until due to certain personal issues and a changeover from non-dependence from handouts. To waiting in line at the E.C.A.P(Emeryville Community Action Program)to donated dry
goods in the lobby for all Hotel California residents.

But over the years things started to go downhill at the Hotel California personally. Brut. incidents and a lot of paranoidism from the
negative tenants made it a distraughtning turnoff to the point of so-called “isolated hermitized termination.” From those experiences from 1997 to 2006 under those restrictions that the kitchenettes were no-longer used and all meals would be cooked privately effective after December 1st, 2006. And after that a series of weird paranoid attitudes from other tenants would disqualify-it even further. Because of what happened even earlier in the late 90’s.  But in 2008 the owners of the Hotel(O.C.H.I) California would file for “Chapter 11” bankruptcy and in a despirate chance to close down many low income housing places, like the Hotel California along with other low income places. Like the Slim Jenkins and the Lake Merritt Hotel forcing to evict and displace many of the low income elderly and disabled tenants who have a range of medical and physical alements. From being wheelchair bound to mental and psychological issues who would know where to go when the hotel-apartment closes. In where many residents had to apply for other alternate forms of housing to places that were expensive.  In where many residents heald a protest and lawsuits against O.C.H.I in favor of the tenants at the Hotel California for illegal evictions through an advocate against eviction with an Asian Eviction Defense Attorney Anne Omura. In where the the lawsuit is still pendeng.

During the lawsuit a “injunction” was filed in the favor of the tenants of the Hotel California by a judge and lawyers who are plaintiffs of the lawsuit against O.C.H.I for unfair and illegal eviction as well as other complaints about the living conditions of the Hotel California. Like the bed bugs from in some of the units in where a settlement was resolved to security and sanitary conditions within the Hotel California. As a result the Lifelong Medical Center outlet at the Hotel California was abandoned and the rest of the staff went there separate ways. An outlet opening in Downtown Oakland where Dr Furguson and Kelly Wanzo are administrators there. And Charlene moved on to an outlet in Berkeley.

.It was’nt until in 2009 after in November of 2008 that another intermediate property management company named Jay Faires Co. have taken ownership of the Hotel California as part of the injuction, along with the Eviction Defense Attorney Anne Omura to collect all rents from all of the tenants, a new omnipetent(See “Omnipetent” nxt).(“Omnipetent” continued from special report)…
…”force” has become a “nice ‘n easy-head & shoulders” nuanced influnce for social change in the Hotel California environment which both benefitted for oneself personally, from uplifting it and reversing those distraught ideological policies from years of unexceptable negative attittudes and behaviors from others bringing it on oneself personally at the hotel apartment over the past fourteen years. But at other places in the past. . Max Caidji~bkn as Max C.~first came to the Hotel California as a visitor around June 20th, 2001 when O.C.H.I owned the building an the Lifelong Medical Center was a part of the building with tenant support service where Jack Broadnax~a Jobs Coordinator mentioned was the “nuance icon” who was a “contact person” at the Hotel California~who
basically looked around to check-up to see the garden area and met-up
with a guy or a tenant named Mike and left. But on April 23rd, 2009 Max. C. made his presence known as the Head Gardener of the Hotel California. About the time this text journal was formed chronicalling the 30 year anniversary in a very first article feature “1979 A Hi-Point Exceptional Year” along with a brief about “Girlfriendship Development” on the Boost Mobile Network’s Motorola cameraphone’s~”flip phone’s”~notes section. Which became a nuance “high” or addiction texting one’s heartwarming nuanced experiences.

The People’s Grocery was started in 2002 as a non-profit organization that is devoted to organic farming methods at the Hotel California in practicing and promoting healthy living practices in the West Oakland community sector at the Hotel California for the past two years. In the education and awareness of organic farming methods. Like organic food preparation
and cultural activities to promote attitudenial healing for all of the residents of the Hotel California and being a omnipetent “nice ‘n easy” “head ‘n shoulders” force for the first time in(See “In” next text).(“In” continued from prior text)…
…fourteen years! Now, you see what happens! Now! You see what HAPPENS! When certain
people who are distraughtenly negative as residents are no longer here today and gone tomorrow. And certain people who are “head and shoulders” who come by in their place. For the first time in twenty-nine years and for the first time in thirty-nine years of going through distraughtning experience and things are finally starting to go straightforward in inner hope and earthly desired
faith in a nuanced manner.

Max C. the Maintainance Gardener began working for the People’s Grocery non-profit grassroots organic organization in 2007 along with other assistants~or interns, Monica, Anne Spevak, Sara Cook, Ray & Ash; and Zack Reidman. Who
had made a fundamental impact here at Hotel California in improving the garden community. From creating and building a greenhouse to constructing a hen house where hens and arooster provides eggs every Friday. To a live fish pond for agua culture to providing guest speaker to certain activities at a weekly community meeting at the Hotel California for all of the tenants and guests. In a activity entitled “Flavas of The Garden” which was originated in August after another major activity like the recent “Juneteenth” celebration which was heald in June 20th, 2011 to celebrate a event in Afro-American history where slavery was finally abolished over a hundred-and-forty-six years ago in Texas.

. Although after the two years that Max and the staff of the People’s Grocery had been a personal omnipetent mature nuanced influnce
for the first time in fourteen years at the Hotel California. Personally, due to other disturbing issues psychologically, psychosociologically, mentally, attitudenally, karmically and spiritually. There are no promises and guarantees that there will be any full involvement or any form of the same affectionate friendly nuances that usually occurs because of the damage. It’ll take ten years to open-up.


Chestnut Green Corridor Project-MLK Day
January 24, 2012, 6:00 am
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“Hey that’s my grandmother!” The neighbor across the street said as he pointed to a portrait being installed by Community Rejuvenation Project and People’s Grocery along Chestnut St behind the Historic California Hotel, a  People’s Grocery  urban farm site.  The women he was pointing to in the mural was West Oakland’s tireless hero, Mary Anne Wright, known on the block as Mother Wright.  Mother Wright fed the masses in West Oakland for over two decades and was a tireless advocate for the hungry and houseless in West Oakland.  Her work is ever present and her name brings a smile to anyone you stop on the West Oakland stretch of San Pablo from Emeryville to downtown Oakland.   On MLK Day Monday January 16 2012,  People’s Grocery launched the Chestnut Green Corridor Project to install art, benches, fruit trees, and planter boxes along Chestnut Street, which starts behind the California Hotel on 35th St in West Oakland.  The first stretch of the block is a seasoned dumping ground for tires, mattress, and assorted trash due to its proximity to the 580 Freeway and its location in an industrial block of West Oakland.

We decided to help curb the dumping through a radical measure… building community.  City signs prohibiting dealing  and dumping and a constant police presence seem to do little to curb the persistent dumping and dealing.  We decided to focus our energies on using art and urban greening to highlight the work of local and national community leaders that have risen up from marginalized blocks like this stretch of Chestnut.  With a great deal of support from  the city’s Adopt-a-spot program and a California Hotel Trustee, we decided to start by installing 4 planter boxes, a chess table, benches, and 4 portraits to stand and look over each planter box.  We choose to launch the project on Dr. King’s birthday celebration in 2012 to highlight the final struggle King chose to lead “The Poor People’s Campaign” to attack the structural violence that poverty perpetuates. The day was filled with old black men in long trench coats eating a plate and chatting over Dr King’s speech “The Drum Major Instinct”, families planting the boxes along Chestnut Street and lots of volunteers hauling yards of soil and compost to fill the boxes.  Neighbors chopped it up with Community Rejuvenation Project artisits’ Mike and Desi, as stories were shared about the California Hotel, the Panthers, and the history of the block.  The day ended with Dr King, Mother Wright, Huey P. Newton, and Harriet Tubeman over looking these four street side planter boxes.  Who in their right mind is going to sling or dump trash all over the block with an 8ft Dr. King over watching over the block and we know Huey’s got his back.   Our aim to is to make it all the way to Mclymonds High School 9 blocks away, planting fruit trees, installing benches and art block by block with our neighbors.  In the next 2 months we will be installing 8 more boxes, portraits, and benches.  Look out for Stokely Carmichael, Fannie Lou Hammer, Paul Robeson, Waangari Maathai and Oscar Grant to riseup over the Chesnut Block.

*if you would like to sponsor a planter box of portrait please contact or 510-689-3068

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Cal Hotel Chronicles 2-History

March 1st, 2011 by admin

Early History of the CA Hotel (1930 – 1970)
by Marcelo Garzo, phD candidate Ethnic Studies UCB
(PG Alum.)

Have you ever wondered about the history of the California Hotel in West Oakland? Many Bay Area residents recognize the familiar façade of the residential hotel as they drive over the 580 overpass, or roll down San Pablo through the Emeryville/West Oakland borderlands. Look closer, and you will find a rich and vibrant history that connects many important histories of the Greater Bay Area.

Opened on May 18, 1930, the CA Hotel was a premier hotel for “travelers entering Oakland from the north”, complete with the most modern fixtures of the times, including a state-of-the-art elevator service, parking garage structure, and “motorists piano”. The Hotel was also home to 11 storefronts, including the California Grill, the California Beauty Parlor, and a large social hall for community events. This “advanced” hotel was built in the heart of a district known as the Watts Trap, named for a major developer in the area, which served as a hot spot for entertainment and leisure. Travelers from Greyhound buses, the Santa Fe depot, and other major transit lines (Key Route trolleys) came to this stretch – mainly from 20th to 40th on San Pablo Ave. – for the card clubs, music venues and the luxury transit hotel. This prime location was also deeply connected to the construction of the Oakland- San Francisco Bay Bridge, which opened in November 1936.

However, many of these early histories fail to mention that this was a whites-only hotel, a space where people of color were not welcome. As one resident recalls, “when you walked by, you held your head down and didn’t even look into the window.” This was also a time of organized struggle and political resistance, particularly from the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the historic militant labor union founded in 1925 and headed by C.L. Dellums. Other events tied to this era of East Bay political activity include the 1934 General Strike, of which black labor was a central catalyst, and the 1930s campaign, “Don’t buy where you can’t work”, which used boycotts and picketing to demand local businesses hire people of color. This political force grew stronger in the 1940s as the black population in Oakland grew substantially – from 8,462 in 1940 to 47,562 in 1950. In 1953, “new operators ended discrimination at the hotel” and held a “grand re-opening” to welcome all their new guests, regardless of race.

By the 1950s, the CA Hotel became a “cultural institution” and a center for the lively community of jazz, funk and blues players in Oakland. It is from this time that we still hear stories of watching a young James Brown perform in the hotel’s lobby mezzanine, or of catching Little Richard or Sam Cooke as they stayed at the newly desegregated hotel in West Oakland. Two historic clubs also thrived during this time on the first floor of the CA Hotel: Club Zanzibar and the Side Door. Based on engravings left in concrete from the early 1970s, we know that Sly Stone and Big Mama Thorton were regular visitors to these venues, as well as Oakland greats such as Eugene Blacknell, Charles Brown, and Roger Collins. These historic figures all tie the CA Hotel to the development of Oakland as a cultural center of black America. Through music, food and community organizing, the CA Hotel has been a key institution in building Oakland as (what Ishmael Reed has affectionately called) a Blues City.

…stay tuned for more history of the CA Hotel, as we move through the 1970s and

80s, and all the way up to today!

Check out some music by folks that played the hotel…


Many thanks to the amazing librarians at the Oakland History Room in the Oakland Public

Library, Richard Walker, Seth Lunine, Paul Groth and many others for their support in this


Steven LaVoie, “Unseen history in Oakland’s most visible landmark” (Oakland

Tribune: July 12, 1992)

Lawrence P. Crouchett, Lonnie G. Bunch III, and Martha Kendall Winnacker, Visions

Toward Tomorrow: The History of the East Bay Afro-American Community 1852-


Various Oakland Tribune Articles from 1929 – 1933

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Sample Post
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After the Love
March 7, 2009, 12:25 am
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Once again, last month’s grub party was off the hook! Over 40 people attended February’s event, including current and past cooking class students, grub box members, residents, volunteers, youth, and more. Dannae Washington and Talib Shahid entertained the crowd with an interesting and gross Fast Food Jeopardy game, with Talib steppin up in his first ever People’s Grocery presentation. Talib also filled in with a clutch performance (our entertainer called in sick), creating a grub box poem on the spot! Finally, featured chef Nancy Wei from Revolution Foods cooked up a meatless, yet delicious, pumpkin lasagna for all to try.

One attendee, Kelly, and I watched as her 5 year old daughter devoured a plate full of lasagna. Kelly told me she is very picky about her food and is always surprised when she likes to eat foods aren’t the “norm.” Kelly signed up for the cooking class right there.

Towards the end of the event, a young lady walked in and asked asked what was going on. She told me that she lives in the neighborhood and was out taking a walk, when someone told her that “they’re making some crazy stuff in there!” So she dropped in to try the pumpkin lasagna.

Now that’s generating a buzz! The next Grub Party will be:

“A Spring Thing”

Featured Chefs (2!): Greg Mann and Sim Peyron of the Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market

Entertainment: “Slap Team” of Cal Prep Academy

Saturday, March 21st

deFremery Park

1651 Adeline St.

11am – 2pm

RSVP at or call (510) 652-7607. We hope to see all of you there!

Interview w/PG’s new Farm Manager
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